Taking the First Step

No, this post is not about my son learning to walk.  He is ten months old and still is not crawling on his knees.  It’s about my wife giving me the push I needed to meet with a banker to discuss how realistic it would be for us to do an addition to our house.  I’m so glad we did, there seems to be the possibility to refinance, get cash out, and have our monthly mortgage payment really not go up at all!

We bought our house as a foreclosure, and so it needed a lot of work.  Our family did tons to help out when we first fixed it up.  But there was just so much that needed to be done that we weren’t able to get to it all.  It has always been a dream of ours to fix it up.  After talking with several banks about our options, we spent the other night creating a three page list of all the projects we could use the money to wrap up around the house, then I created a 3D model of our house using Google SketchUp.  I could see what it would look like if we remodeled our first floor, knocking down walls with the click of the mouse and clicking and dragging countertops in our kitchen to see if we could come up with a better floor plan.  I now have elaborate plans drawn up of knocking down our old garage, building a first floor family room, adding a bedroom upstairs, attaching the garage, adding a bath, etc.  but we will probably not be able to afford all that!

Big changes are coming, check back soon to find out what!

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  1. sounds exciting! {if you are up for the challenge} I’m dying to hear what the changes are! And, does Er blog? I’d love to catch up with her…


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