How to Instantly Stop a Baby From Crying

I’m signed up to receive the Great Dad newsletter, and three weeks ago it said, “Your Baby May Take Time to Master Walking”  Problem is Pax wasn’t even crawling on all fours yet!  Instead he liked to drag his legs behind him and either pull himself with his arms or just roll to his destination.  Until tonight!  He has started crawling, and while I must say that I am excited and proud of him, there is a feeling of, Finally! that comes along with it.  So it’s not as exciting since we have been waiting for him to crawl for about three months now.

Right before bed, while experimenting with his new-found mode of transportation, he suddenly became top-heavy and did a face plant right on a toy.  He sat up and started crying.  Ella, seeing her brother in pain, was moved to tears.   There we sat, me holding Pax trying to console him, and Erica hugging Ella who at this point was sobbing into her shoulder uncontrollably.  We had two crying kids, and no amount of consolation seemed to work.

So I did the only thing I knew to do… I stood up and started bawking like a chicken, flapping my “wings” and strutting across the living room floor.  This caused them both to immediately stop crying.  I think it was so unexpected that it shocked them into silence.  Half a second later both kids were laughing harder than I have ever seen them laugh before!  Ella was actually having a hard time breathing she was laughing so hard.  Then I got carried away and would run into the kitchen for a few seconds only to burst back into the living room bawking and flapping like never before leaping onto the couch and disappearing again into the kitchen.  We were all in stitches for about a half an hour.

I love it when my home is filled with laughter, even if my neighbors do give me weird looks…

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