Capturing Your Kids on Film

As parents, we’re always taking pictures of our kids to remember what they were like.  We’re always forcing them to give us a smile and the end result isn’t a true picture of the personalities our kids possess.  Capturing the true spirit of our kids can be difficult, but when we do, it’s like striking liquid gold.  Those are the photos that will endure time and that will always take us back to what is was like.

Fatherhood Friday

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I reflect back on the pictures of the past.  In the early days of photography, no one looked happy until sometime in the 1950’s.  Pictures from the 60’s and 70’s of my parents were always fun to look at, but anything of me in the 80’s is frightening. Neon green tank tops, Jam shorts, neon shoelaces and converse all stars before they were cool.  Now, in the age of digital photography we are all trying to be the ‘professional’ on our blogs.  I’m guilty of it, too!  I take tens of thousands of pictures, download them all onto my computer, rummage through them in picasa and pick the one that looks most “normal” where everyone is saying cheese or money or reece’s or some other obscure phrase (in the old days was everyone forced to say “hum” or “tab” or “wrap” when they took the picture?)  Then I edit, crop and add effects, instead of getting an image that is true to life.  Something that shows the real ‘us’.
I love this picture of me and my brothers as kids that my mom took.  It shows our own little personalities as we hiked in the woods. My oldest brother with the walkie talkie and me (the chubby one) being careful where I step.

I like pictures of my daughter when she’s not smiling, since her smile is almost always forced in pictures unless I catch her laughing.  When she enjoys things, her face gets serious.

You can't tell by the picture, but this look on her face means she is having the time of her life!

Babies cry, and it’s ok to have pictures of it.  These are true to life, like this picture of Pax’s first new year’s eve.

Sure we all had a good time, until it was bedtime and I snapped this photo just to remember it by.

I am so a “candid” shot lover and my wife is so not.  Anyway, I will enjoy looking back at these ‘this was really the way you were’ photos more than all the sappy ones where we are all standing in a row saying “monkey!”

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  1. Nice shots. Love the classic of you as a kid. Aggree it takes thousands to get those few keepers and that the candids often capture the moment best. I love too that a few mins of picasa editing let’s me find the picture inside the picture that I didn’t even know I took. Only real danger ofthe thousands of shots we can all take now is when friends say, hey look at these great pics! And sends the thousand instead of the two I might actually care to see


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