Pax’ First Birthday!

The house has a quiet feel to it this morning.  The sounds I hear are contentment and joy.  Little voices can be heard from the other room, but not enough to tell what they are saying.  I step in the living room and hear big sister Ella saying to her little brother Pax, “Now (in a long drawn out voice) pwess it.”

Joyful glees of “No!” can be heard amidst my throwing kids on couches and ‘almost’ tickles as we romp around in pajamas for a fun Saturday morning.  I love watching my kids play together, but the day takes a sharp turn and we are suddenly busy prepping for Pax’ first birthday party!

I am Erica’s souse chef for the day as we cook and clean to have the party indoors (thunderstorms ruined our BBQ plans)  It should be fun fitting twenty people in our house this evening!

Now the party is over (pictures on my Flickr) but we all fit and the house is all cleaned up in a “that’s good enough for tonight…” kind of way.  Now, we are enjoying a little Super Mario Brothers on the Wii just Erica and I.  From peaceful, to party, and back again.  A great Saturday!

I’m considering doing few different themes on this blog, I think I would like to incorporate the posts from my “God’s More Than Words” blog on Mondays (Get it, More than words Mondays? they both start with ‘M’?) And I will continue to highlight something about being a dad on “Fatherhood Friday” sponsored by Dad-Blogs.  In between, well, I don’t know.  There is also a “Wordless Wednesday” blog hop I’m considering, but we’ll see.

That’s all tonight!  I think I need to jump in and help Erica beat the boss on this next level!