Beauty AND Brains

Monday was my first parent/teacher meeting, if you can call it that.  It was the orientation for Ella’s three year old pre-school.

I had flashbacks of high school as I walked through the locker lined halls. All of the drama that high school entailed came flooding back.  It was such a competition. We fell prey to this competitive spirit as well, comparing Ella’s hair to all the other girls. By comparison their hair looked like wigs straight out of ‘Toddlers and Tiara’s’ compared to Ella’s scraggly blonde pig-tails. Those thin little pig-tails have taken three years to even get to this point. Even with her thin hair, my daughter is still the most beautiful in my eyes. But I realize school should not be a beauty contest. Academics is what matters, and on this day Ella made her daddy proud.

It was an open house event, so parents and kids were milling about aimlessly from toy to toy between getting our snack assignments and materials list from the teacher. I ended up sitting at a table that came up to my shins, Ella was coloring next to me and another girl and her mom were nearby.  Ella took her crayon and drew this

and then said, “E”! This is the first time she’s ever done this! The other mom looked impressed, her little girl just stood there staring. She must have been intimidated by my daughter’s genius.

Overall, this orientation helped. Our questions were answered, our fears relieved, and after only one day we are already seeing results! I think this pre-school thing will be O.K..

Pax has been showing real progress, too. Now that he is finally crawling he has learned to crawl and push a car beside him. This is so adorable to watch. What makes it really hilarious though is when he accidentally grabs a car that is self propelled and ends up chasing it across the room.


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