Green Grass to Leaves…Looking Back at Things

Just a few memories I want to capture.  One day I think I’ll be looking back on this blog and smiling as I remember all of these silly things we did, and how sweet the kids were.

Friday at the dinner table, Ella was putting up a fight about eating her Mac and Cheese, so after Pax and I finished our meals I left her at the table to continue eating.  She knew that if she ate her food we’d go on a bike ride.  More than a few minutes passed and I could hear some noise coming from the kitchen.  I crept quietly behind her, she was singing ‘Praise Him, Praise Him, all ye little children” in her high pitched nasally little girl voice.  It was so cute, I grabbed a video of it to remember it by.

Getting ready for the bike ride, Pax had a runny nose.  That thing that he loves to play with, but hates having used on him, the aspirator, caused him to shed a few tears.  He was now sitting next to Ella in the bike trailer.  She looked so concerned.  She really does hate it when other people are crying.  She looked steadily at him for quite some time, as if she was trying to think of just what to say to comfort him.  Finally she says, “I love you buddy…” then she showed him the balloon she had in her hands and started teaching him, ‘That’s white.  This is a balloon.”   It was so sweet, because you just knew she was trying to cheer him up from having all the snot sucked out of his nose.

The bike ride was also illuminating.   It’s been getting cooler here lately, but we had a scorcher of a summer.  After riding past yard after yard of green grass, suddenly my bike tires went crunching through a thick pile of leaves. In that moment, I realized that just like life, things change pretty quickly.  Thoughts about how Ella is now in pre-school, and Pax is one year old and starting to stand and trying to walk flashed into my mind.  It all changes so fast.  That’s why I want to write down some of these memories.  Soon, it’ll be car keys and cell phones, curfews and dating…ugh!  But seasons change and I want to enjoy the time I’ve got now with my two.   And sooner than I think, there will be three, once the adoption is complete.  That will be a whole new world for us I’m sure!