Hard to Say Goodbye

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What do toys do at night?  I swear they are like rabbits!  I used to be able to step inside the coat closet by the front door and get a game down from the shelf, or hang my coat up.  Now, a bright pink toy electric guitar stands amidst the rubble like a flag planted firmly in the soil, claiming this land in the name of “Fun.”

Well, it’s time to say good-bye kids, to that much beloved baby toy, or that strange monkey purse/backpack thing.  We are selling it all for two reasons.  One, to get my sanity back and keep my house looking like I’m a hoarder.  And two, we are having our first adoption fundraiser at a children’s resale show this weekend.  So now is as about a good a time as any to unload all our stuff on some unsuspecting ‘first-time’ parent, who has not yet experienced the toil and trouble associated with all this stuff.

Erica has been working diligently to sort, clean, organize and price all of our old kids stuff, and we have stored it in our dining room during this process.  Totes of clothes are stacked high, and a pile of toys sits by the window.  And just like kids never play with what you actually bought them, they also wait to play with toys until they are ready to be sold, thrown or given away.

Pax had crawled over to the pile.  I thought back to the toy closet I had growing up.  Where all of my Star Wars action figures and Micro Machines would be stored.  There were walls of shelves filled with Boglins and G.I. Joe’s, and I think about how hard it would have been for me to give any one of those treasures up.   So I gave the poor kid a few minutes to say his goodbyes!

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By the way, if anyone has any old (but still in good condition) kids things that they no longer need and would like to donate them to us to sell as part of our adoption fundraiser, I’m sure we’ll be doing more of these resale shows in the fall and spring.  Drop me a line (I can’t believe I just asked for more stuff!)

There is a short story behind this picture, I’ll share with you on Monday.  In the meantime, can you guess what Ella is doing? (And yes, that is the pink electric guitar in the background that I mentioned earlier)


2 Replies to “Hard to Say Goodbye”

  1. With five kids and four of them five and under, we have crap loads of toys. Twice this year we either tossed them or sent them to Goodwill. We go back in the room and it looks like nothing happened. Birthday season is starting in a few weeks and then it’s Christmas time. I think I’m just going to move and leave all the stuff here for the next guy.


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