Dad Blog Community Part II

First, my apologies for not replying to everyone’s comments.  When I posted that last one I guess I figured I’d get the usual two views (my best friend and my mom) and instead I was shocked to see how many of you tuned in!  I was overwhelmed with comments, and I was pausing to consider how best to respond to them all.  I wasn’t able to much on the computer this past weekend other than check in and approve the comments, but I am very thankful for everyone’s thoughts and I think I learned a few things from it all.

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Here’s what I’ve learned since Friday about the dad blog community:

1. There are actually a lot of dad bloggers out there who do care about the each other and who care about how they are viewed.  This from the fact that so many people actually read my last post, and also the number of people who felt compelled to comment.  By the way, did I say thanks for your comments?

2. I seem to be the dorky kid who stays in the classroom, while all the other dad bloggers are outside having recess.  What I mean is, I’ve been stuck on my blog (and a few other great dad-blog websites) and I’ve been clueless to the community of dads over at Twitter.  I don’t have a smart phone, so I think the only time I will be able to check twitter is late at night, usually around the time when I blog…and I’ll need someone to explain it to me because I don’t understand a thing about it.

3. Some dads are using the blogosphere to get help.  And I think that’s great!  I hope we can all recognize the difference between a “hey isn’t this funny” and “I’m really being real and need some advice” type of posts and will get to helping when we see someone needs it.

4. I need to do my part in contributing to this community.  I’ve been looking at Tumblr as a possible new host for my blog, just because they have some cool interactive options (like anyone can write a post, and there’s a neat “ask me anything” feature)  I’m wondering what creative ways can I work to promote community? And yes, at the very least that means commenting more on what y’all are posting (and responding to comments, thank you Dad U!)

5. I like being a ‘dad blogger’, but there are a lot of other things that make me ‘me’ and the same applies for all the other dad bloggers out there.  It’d be cool to find out more about each other, and possibly see more posts about stuff from dads about their hobbies, interests, thoughts, philosophies, etc.  Don’t these make us the dad’s we are?

6. Dad bloggers are open to speaking their mind, and to hearing what other dads have to say.  I was very grateful for everyone’s brutal honesty at what they thought about my post, and there were some who wanted to make sure I didn’t take it the wrong way.  But I really appreciated it.  Did I say thanks for the comments?  But there were also some dads who stated, hey, check out what I’m saying and let me hear your two cents, too!  I think that’s great, and I’m going to have to figure out how to balance time reading other people’s blogs and commenting and writing posts for my blog.  Even if that means fewer posts here, but more interaction ‘out there’

7. Last but not least I do want to thank everyone for their comments.  It has helped keep my blogging spirit alive, just when I was considering throwing the towel in…I guess the community helped me after all!


8 Replies to “Dad Blog Community Part II”

  1. Hey, sounds good. I know nothing about the way Tumblr works, but I do love Twitter, so feel free to email me if you have questions ( Or, just do what many others do: get in there and see what you think. One good place to start is just reading the Dads Talking tweets. People add #DadsTalking at the end of their tweets, and it becomes a– Well, it’s probably just easier to go to and do a search for #DadsTalking. I also added lists of fathers, so you can check these out:

    Good luck!


  2. Glad to get to know you a bit more lately. And look forward to seeing you around Twitter too.

    I am the worst about responding to my comments, it is tough with little extra time.


  3. Okay Lee, let me say, Welcome to our Dad Community! This is a community I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of. The Dads out here are amazing men and I literally learn something new from them everyday. Yes, a major part of our communication is done on Twitter. There are many great blogs and resources out here for us as you are finding out. I highly recommend you start with Twitter. You follow me and I’m following you so let’s chat! Use the hashtag #DadsTalking at the end of your tweet and you’ll be instantly emersed in our growing Twitter Community. I would be more than happy to introduce myself to you. Email me at and I’ll shoot you my number. I’m so glad we’ve met Lee and I look forward to talking to you!


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