Columbus Day Celebrations!

A day off of work!  Wow!  I was so excited.  While I had a lot of stuff to do around the house in the afternoon (we are trying to save some money and do some work ourselves) I got to spend the morning with just Ella and Pax.  I must admit, I had to pry myself off of my newest addiction, twitter, and focus on my kids.   When I did I wasn’t disappointed.  Here’s some of what we did to celebrate Columbus Day!

In the spirit of adventure, I made a voyage out to the garage and dusted off one of Ella’s old toys and reclaimed it in the name of “Pax.” He has been exploring the new worlds of standing and walking along furniture so I figured he’d like this thing.  I’ve got a few more nicks and scratches on all of my furniture, but he had a great time doing some world travelling himself!

Then we used every single block and built a tower up to the ceiling, much like the early settlers must have done.  I think this impressed everyone, Pax is in the background of this photo staring up in awe and Ella comes running with anticipation for me to give her the green light to knock it down, unlike the early settlers…

After establishing our town, we sang a few tunes…

And then prepared for the winter by trying on the gear that Grandma bought them that morning.  Let me explain this photo, we totally posed her arms, but then Ella decided to throw her head back out of the blue!

I didn’t get a photo of our ‘story time’ but we had a great time reading ‘Pigs Can’t Fly” as one of Ella’s new books from preschool.

All in all a great Columbus Day at home, now it’s midnight and I’m dreading waking up early tomorrow for work.

Tomorrow it’s all about the lost art of pumpkin carving!