Pumpkin Carving: The Lost Art

Last night we went on a walk around the neighborhood, the kids in tow in the wagon, bundled up in a comforter against the cold fall air.  The leaves didn’t completely cover the sidewalks yet, but most of the old tall trees had changed their colors.  It smelled like fall, which if you’ve lived in one of those ‘hot all year-round’ cities for your whole life you may not know, but it smells delicious and makes you want to eat pumpkin pie and drink hot apple cider.  With all of the signs of fall around me, I marveled that there was one thing missing!

There were lots of houses with pumpkins, and gourds, and bails of hay, and cornstalks; only a few house had ghosts and goblins and witches on broomsticks made to look like they flew into a tree.  I know nearby there are some grand displays of zombies and vampires that would put the animatronics at Disney’s Hall of the Presidents to shame.  But the good old-fashioned carved pumpkin was nowhere to be seen.

I know my family had a great time going to the pumpkin patch (See Flikr) and selecting just the right ones.  Later that night we drew out our silly faces with magic markers to perfect the look before the first cut was made.  This was Ella’s first year to carve one and I was just as excited to see her reaction as she was to get in there and carve something.  

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We finished the evening with a ‘stay up past your bedtime’ movie night and ate homemade caramel popcorn.  We would have had baked pumpkin seeds, but I’m the only one who likes them.  After it was dark we all went outside to watch as I lit the candle inside and we watched the pumpkin glow.  It was a great family night!

Are you going to carve a pumpkin this year?


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