I Got a Sticker!

My interview with my daughter after taking her with me to vote

L: “Guess what Ella, we just voted!  Did you vote?”

E: “Yeah.  I got a sticker!  See!” (this is how I’m supposed to feel, too apparently)

L: “Why is it important to vote?”

E: “De da ba caaaannnndy!” (One of the women there gave my kids a miniature butterfinger.  I’ll eat Pax’s.  He’s too small)

L: “That’s right!  What was your favorite part about voting?” (We’ve been working on the concept of favorites lately)

E: “I get to see GRANDPA!” (He happened to be there when we were there!)

There you have it folks.  I hope everyone was able to get out to vote, get a sticker and a candy bar and spend time with their favorite loved ones!