O M Gosh?!

Kids are sponges, that’s for sure.  Today I was left wondering, where did Ella get this?  Her new phrase is “Oh my gosh!”  As in “Oh my gosh! It’s bubbles!” or “Oh my gosh! It’s candy!” and lastly, “Oh my gosh! I found it!”  as she picked up something off the floor.  Truth is we suspect she picked this up from preschool, her teacher is young and it’s her first year.  It’s been recently confirmed.  She says oh my gosh a lot.

We’re not big fans of saying gosh.  Coming out of a three-year old’s mouth it sounds an awful lot like “God”, which we consider as taking God’s name in vain.  I realize gosh is not the worst thing she could pick up.  In fact, I’m painfully aware.  After my wife called me at work and shared Ella’s newfound phrase, I sat on the RAPID across from a man who looked to be in his late sixties and sounded to me like he had Turrett’s.  He was talking to the air, spewing obscenities and profanity from West 25th all the way to West 117th.  I was grateful my kids weren’t around, but wondered, what’s a parent to do?  A lot of people don’t care if there are children around, they drop the F-bomb like there’s no tomorrow.  I don’t want my kid hearing that?!

Back to the “oh my gosh” phrase though.  If I tell her “We don’t say that” then like the sponge she is I can just see her correcting her teacher at school (which maybe isn’t a bad thing, I don’t know.)  But maybe we should just play it off and not make a deal about it and Ella will just drop it on her own.  For now we’re playing it cool to see if this is really going to be something that sticks.

Have your kids ever picked up any words or phrases you don’t approve of? How old were they and what’d you do about it?




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  1. Randy and I have two grandchildren ages 3 and 4. Daniel has picked up some very undesirable wording. It makes me crazy, while Randy says ignore it, which I have done and he stops. He is aware that it is wrong, but that’s how they talk in his mothers home. We work twice as hard to break the habits that they are learning, especially the trash talking. I found that if I make a big deal of it , he does it more.


  2. Our Nick went thru a OMG phase. Then a D#$%N phase. Then a H#$%L phase. Guess you can’t keep them from hearing it, and if they hear it, they’ll inevitably repeat it. We just let him know that in our family, we don’t talk that way. We told him some people do because they don’t know any better, but our family doesn’t use those words. This seems to have helped so far. And conditioning it to our family kept him from correcting the neighbors… at least so far. Let us all know what you come up with, because I’m sure it’ll come up again.


    1. So true, I think I realized for the first time that there really isn’t anything I can do to keep them from hearing stuff I don’t want them to repeat. I like the idea of using the “our family” line, thanks!


    1. I think it is adorable when kids say stuff like that, or when they talk much older than their age. There’s a neighbor girl who always uses the word, “actually” and over pronounces each syllable as she says it!


    1. Kids pick stuff up everywhere! And sometimes they just make stuff up too. I’m ok with saying silly words when she’s upset, this was just the first time I had heard her say something that she didn’t get from us, it kinda scared me…!


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