My Final Hour

Daylight Savings Time means so much more to me this year.  Every year you hear the jokes about how people will spend their extra hour.  But for me, this is a chance for redemption.  One more hour to become who I want to be before turning 30.  Here’s what I will be trying to accomplish in my final extra hour as a 29 year old:

Best shape of my life! – I figure I’d feel better about turning thirty if I had six pack abs and a huge chest and biceps.  Unfortunately, I still have the Reverse Torso and in this last hour I need to an awful lot of sit ups…

Test drive a sports car – At least I made it through my twenties without owning a minivan, but even that is just around the corner for us.  I like minivans personally, and I’m scared what that means about a 29 year old.  For now we still drive a two door coupe (with two car seats in the back seats) but its nothing to brag about.  It may not even pass E-check its so run down.

Sweep my wife off her feet – Better do this one last time before I turn into an old man.

Stop procrastinating – Ironically, I choose to do this in the last ‘extra’ hour given to me.  But still, better late than never.  Er, I mean, better do this before I turn 30.  There, now I’m being proactive about something.

Fix all character flaws – Your twenties are a time for becoming and learning who you are.  Your thirties, I feel like I’m pretty much set in my ways.  I need to quickly figure out how to stop being impatient.  I need to focus on myself this final hour so that I can learn how to be unselfish.  I need to battle and beat pride, learn to be content, learn how to truly forgive and learn to be disciplined.

Find my calling in life – Well, I think I know what my calling is.  It’s just a matter of being there.  I’ve always wanted to be a youth and family pastor (or a drummer) (or both?) but it seems life has got me where I am for a reason.  What am I doing with my life?  I’m a training instructor for military retired pay.  While I enjoy my job, and want to do my absolute best at it.  I still feel like there’s more for me to accomplish.  How, when, where? I don’t know.  But I’ve got one last hour to figure this all out.

Who am I kidding! I’ll probably spend my extra hour taking a nap…


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  1. I’m rapidly approaching that next milestone after 30, so let’s see how I fare with this list!

    Best shape of my life! – I played football a couple of years in my teens & a couple of years in my 20s; I played one season of rugby in my 30s. Hmm… hard to say during which of those periods saw me in the best shape of my life. I’m guessing the teens, but that one year of rugby saw me drop 35lbs and get very fit.

    Test drive a sports car – Not accomplished this, yet. We’ve had a minivan for about six years and I love it, but we are currently facing life without it, due to a cracked cylinder head which will cost a helluva lot more than the vehicle’s bookworth. We have a new (to us) SUV ready to take its place but am hoping we can keep the van as our second vehicle, because it rocks!

    Sweep my wife off her feet – I like to do this in a sentimental way rather than physically. Plus I did this metaphorically, otherwise she would be my wife of (almost) 10 years!

    Stop procrastinating – Ha! Not likely, as its a big part of my personality.

    Fix all character flaws – Apart from procrastinating, I don’t have any!

    Find my calling in life – Still looking for that…


  2. I’m still working on several of these. Still haven’t quite managed to sweep my wife off her feet, and I definitely don’t know what my calling is yet. I got in the best shape of my life a few years ago (age 33) so at least I’ve got that going for me. Hmmm, it’s a good list. I ought to make one of my own.


    1. Hi Keith, I guess I don’t have to have it all figured out by the time I turn thirty. It’s just something about that number though, you know? I’m sure I’ll get past it though and hopefully, like you, will eventually get into the best shape of my life!


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