Contentment and Patience

There is a relationship between these two words that is hard to define.  Contentment means being happy because of your current state and patience means enduring in spite of your current state.  With contentment there is a small sense of complacency, with patience there is a strong desire for movement or change.

God is teaching me both.

I’m about to turn thirty, which has been hard for me on so many levels.  Until last night, I wasn’t able to put it into words.  When I finally got home at 9:15, the kids were in bed and Erica and I sat on the couch and were able to talk.  Out came a conversation that made more and more sense with every sentence spoken.  I put a name to the feelings I’ve been holding onto for years.  It was somewhat of a relief, but at the same time nothing in my life has really changed as a result.

This blog is not well read, and I like it that way.  Here is where I let you into my world.  And only some of you are really looking to go deeper with me.  I’m about to lay it all out for you.

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