“Autumn’s Rest”

The leaves shone like a sunset with bursts of fiery red and orange and yellow against the backdrop of a dusk gray midday sky.   Long dark barren branches of old oak trees reached from lofty heights down to the ground, as if their strength was failing them.  I could hear their bones creaking slowly in the wind, like low rich tones of a cello hanging in the air.  It is time for the Summer heat to yield to the crisp cold Autumn air.  Even the name for this season hints at the slumbering feeling this time of year brings. Fall.

A leaf lazily tumbles to the ground and at that moment even begins to waste away.  All the world is preparing for a sleep, and the two heads in the car seats behind me lower in anticipation of the afternoon nap.  You know it has been a good day, when the kids are exhausted from having fun.

I wish all days could be like this.  So peaceful, so serene.  It doesn’t even matter what we did. We did it together and that’s all that mattered.  Soon enough this season of life will give way to the next and the memory will be all that I have to cling to.   Like logs burned up in a fire, only the ashes of memory remain.  As hard as I will try to cling to them they will blow away as dust and leave me wanting for more.

Even now as I write this sitting in front of the wood burning fireplace in my living room, only the embers touching continue to glow red.  All else has burned away.  It is the cycle of life.  But in the chaos of life that follows, my mind still goes back to that day when we stopped to have lunch by the river.  Watching as animals and leaves settled into their final rest for the year.  If only life was so simple.  I’m thankful that sometimes it is.


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    1. So true, I’ve needed to remind myself of this lately. It’s these moments of complete contentment that sometimes keep you going as a parent (or just a person) when life gets crazy and chaotic. Thanks for the comment!


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