My Blogging Vacay

Thanks for letting me take a break everybody.  I didn’t get a single harassing email or death threat for not posting here for the past week or so and that makes me think you all really do care!

So what have I been doing if not pounding away at the keyboard late into the night?  I have been pounding away at the keyboard late at night reading and commenting on other great dad blogs and honestly a week of this was not enough.

I started at one of my favorites, Luke I am Your Father.  He’s got a great writing style and when I was first disallusioned about the whole dad blog community he was very supportive and introduced himself right away.  Not to mention he’s got a great blogroll of some dads I really had never heard of.  I changed my default home tabs to be thirty or so dad blogs from his blogroll every time I started my web browser.  (This was not a good idea by the way, it really took a long time for me to check my email for death threats this way)  But then I started reading and I have found some new greats. I also really enjoyed reading some of my old favorites even more.

Eric has these great dad graphs, but more than that he really tells it like it is.  He has five kids and I think everyone with fewer kids always looks at people with way more kids in amazement.  That’s how I view Eric.  So when he shares about the poop and tantrums and trouble just getting out the door I almost can’t fathom what that would be like!  On a serious note though too, he touches on the heavy stuff like this post I read about how he and his son worked through the death of their loyal dog on Thanksgiving and had tears welling up in my eyes.  Now, don’t get carried away, I didn’t get all weepy, but it was very touching to hear how proud Eric was at how his son handled it on such a holiday as Thanksgiving.

Then of course I read A Busy Dad-E,  and this guy can really write.  His blog posts often remind me of Seinfeld episodes where everything is cleverly intertwined and has some affect on the end result.  He’s not showy, as far as I can tell he really is happy just writing for himself and his kids, but he is kind enough to make his blog public for others to read and laugh along side of him at all the stuff “you just can’t make up!”

I watched in amazement at this video that took 15 hours to edit of two boys sword fighting in the yard.  This is exactly like what every sword fight I ever had as a kid played out in my mind.

I found myself in the snippets of this dad from across the pond.  And just reading these made me remember all the sweet things Ella and Pax had done that day that I never wanted to forget, but because I didn’t write them down I already have…

There are just so many great dads out there I still feel like I didn’t read or comment enough!  I will continue to branch out and read and comment on other dad blogs and hopefully get to know them, too.

But the ‘vacation’ had to come to an end sometime and I’m glad it did.  There were lots of things I wanted to capture and remember but I didn’t blog about it so I fear those little details of life are gone forever.  I’m looking forward to my evening reflections on what being a dad has been like that day and just how much joy my kids and family bring me.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing while I was away.  And now it’s time for bed…


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  1. Hey man thanks for the plug. It is always a good idea to take a break and refresh yourself.

    By the way, do you use a reader to manage the posts you read? Google reader is what I use and it works great. Save you all the tabs.

    Just a thought. Cheers.


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