Make Your Christmas Cards ROCK!

This year we are taking Christmas cards to the next level!

The first year we were married we were actually disillusioned enough to think that every Christmas we would make our own Christmas cards.  I remember that first year, we carefully worded and crafted our message then printed them out on our home computer.  We cut the paper, trimmed the ribbon and bows, glued, taped and practically hand-stitched everything together.   The result was a beautiful Christmas card but the process was a pain.  That was the only year we made our own Christmas cards.

Ever since then, we usually we spend hours sorting and sifting through the Christmas card aisle at Bullseye* or Floormart*, discarding anything with a talking dog, or cartoon images of Santa, trying to find a card that has personality and meaning and also communicates a warm wish to all those who will receive one.  What we’re left with is usually some slim pickings but we always manage to find some sort of compromised something.   A good message and a horrible graphic, or a dumb picture of a barn and cabin covered in snow and a generic message.

[Enter Shutterfly]

This year we are planning on using one of Shutterfly’s Christmas photo cards instead.  The process is simple, no homemade handcrafted card hassle, and the graphics are amazing (what can be better than photos of yourself?)

We thought about using these, but then we thought again…



There are so many great styles to choose from, and you can use any number of photos.  So if you have a hard time getting everyone to look at the camera and still look halfway decent, you can go with a one picture style to reduce the holiday stress.  But if your family is incredibly photogenic there are cards with up to six photos spots for your beautiful family.  Mine falls somewhere in between so we are choosing a three photo option.

We found a card that says “Joy to the World” and thought this was an appropriate message considering both 1.) our Saviors birth death and resurrection, sufficient for all and 2.) Our plans as a family to adopt a girl from Ethiopia.   And just about all of the cards we looked at have a space to customize your message, which none of the cards at the local discount cards store have that option (unless you cross stuff out and write over it in a thick marker…)

For those of you who won’t be receiving our family’s Christmas card here are the photos we are actually using.

And for those of you struggling to find a gift for the grandparents Shutterfly also offers photo calendars and coffee mugs so you can customize them with pictures of your kids!  Grandparents love just about anything with the grandkids on them (neighbors not so much… unless you’re really good friends with them!)

So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good shopping experience at Shutterfly!

* The names of retailers have been changed to protect their identity.

Disclaimer:  As a promotion I received 50 free Shutterfly Christmas cards for typing this blog post.