When I Grow Up…

It’s inevitable.  People always ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I’m thirty and still trying to figure that out, but I still try to identify the things my kids show interest in.  Pax is still a little too young to see where his natural talents lie, right now I’d guess he’ll grow up to be either a face painter due to all the fun he seemed to have with his rigatoni tonight at dinner, or else a professional eater.  The kid will eat anything.

But with Ella, I have seen some of her natural talents come through.  She is a creative expressive type.  Most kids use the aquadoodle [pictured above] to draw pictures of smiley faces and squares or letters.  Ella uses it as her canvass for some modern art.  She gets a kick out of watching the splatter make shapes and designs, and while it may look chaotic, she is very deliberate about where she paints, and how.

I’ve also seen her love of music.  She currently experiments with the harmonica, recorder, piano and drumsticks.  The recorder is just one note that she plays over and over again, but she tells me all the different names of the songs that she is playing.  So she obviously hears it differently in her head.  The drumsticks often turn into a weapon especially when her brother is around, but she keeps pretty good time..until I can break it up.  The piano she loves and regularly walks over to it and plays Mary Had a Little Lamb or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and she plays it in different octaves which makes me think she has somewhat of an ear for it.

Watching her play with playdough is another experience in itself.  She did this all by herself and then told me, “Look, it’s an airplane!”  I was impressed (of course, I am her dad so I’m probably biased) but she sees stuff in anything.  Like a vest in half eaten dinner roll, or a folded napkin that she said looked like a dinasours mouth (opened and closed).

Then there’s her eye for photography.  She loves walking around with our digital camera snapping shots along the way.  Here’s a mini portfolio:

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I want to always be on the look out for my kids gifts and work to nurture these natural talents.  I want my kids to pursue what they are passionate about.  I want to broaden their horizons and introduce them to a variety of things and all along the way be their #1 fan cheering them on to success!


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