Local Dad Dishes on Dinner

CLEVELAND – When it comes to dads in the kitchen, most kids associate their fathers with burnt toast.  This was the case with one local father until recently.  “My wife called me at work and said, “Why don’t you do dinner tonight?” It was the call that changed my life”  says Lee Bodenmiller.  Despite past attempts at sharing his culinary skills with his family, the secret he says is in the familiar.  “Every time I tried to impress my wife by cooking dinner I’d try new recipes I had never heard of.  The result was always something inedible.

All that changed when he set out to cook one of their traditional meals, mini meatloaves.  The recipe comes from long time friends, and they’ve made it for years.  Being able to watch it made, help with various aspects over the years and knowing what it should actually taste like all helped to give this local dad the confidence he needed.  “I’ve always been the sous chef so I was familiar with it from the beginning.” he says.  And the verdict from his wife and kids?  “It was delicious!” says his wife.  And judging by the amount of meatloaf and cheesy noodles smeared all over his sons face, it looks as if he heartily enjoyed it, too.

However, our investigative team dug further and discovered some revealing facts about “Dad’s Dinner” as it has since been called.  Sources from deep within the residence spoke on condition of anonymity, “He didn’t do it all himself.  The menu planning, purchasing the ingredients, even some of the side dishes were done by someone else.”

When confronted with these facts Lee issued this statement to the press, “I maintain that my contribution to this meal was significant.”  Phone calls to his office were not immediately returned for comment.

How much influence he had in this meal may remain a mystery.  While this may be the dawn of a new era for one local dad, it proves once and for all that you can teach an old dad new tricks.



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  1. “dug further”? As in the trash can? And found bags labeled Boston Market?

    I say you’re ready to step up to Iron Chef America. Or at least Iron Chef Cleveland


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