Night Out with Friends

When we hung a left onto Great Northern Blvd we both had the feeling it was Friday night and it took a moment for it to hit us that it was only Tuesday.  We just had an amazing dinner with some friends and were on the hunt for the perfect after dinner spot to hang out.  The first Starbucks we tried was packed with twenty somethings and there was nowhere to sit so we packed up and headed to the Starbucks located inside our area Target store.  No big deal, the over thirty crowd doesn’t go out to be seen.  We were just having fun being together, without our kids.

Every year we get together around the week of Christmas.  This year our friends from Florida weren’t able to make it though and they were sorely missed.  What wasn’t missed was the constant conversation stoppages and interruptions to take someone to the restroom or break up a fight.  Instead we were free to talk.  And anyone with kids will tell you just how much of an amazing statement that is.

[Think: Sir William Wallace in Braveheart yelling, “FREEEEEEDOOOOOMMMMM!”]

So there we were with our caramel macchiatos and chai teas in hand chatting up a storm when the lights went out and the vacuum started at the front of the store.  The store would be open for another hour so we stayed and talked above the noise.  “That’s nothing! We’ve got kids!” I shouted at the noise coming from around the corner.   Having dinner and adult conversation never felt so good.  The holidays were busy, and at the same time the frigid temperatures and snow kept me feeling like I never got out to do anything.

And as we rounded the bend and stopped at the first stop light, I couldn’t help but think how good it felt to join the land of the living once again.





3 Replies to “Night Out with Friends”

  1. Last week, we went on a date for the first time in months. We started at a great Italian restaurant, then played some car races before the movie started. We even bought $21 worth of popcorn and Coke. I love my kids. I just wish I were able to appreciate (and plan more) days like these more before I had kids…


  2. My wife and I went out for the first time in nine months right before Christmas. It was great just to talk and not worry about changing a diaper or breaking up a kid fight. I hope to make dates more regular this year. And we always end up at Target for some reason too. Weird.


    1. Oh yeah, good resolution. I know I need to be more proactive when it comes to dates with my wife. Usually I wait until she plans something, but I know she would love it if I set up a baby sitter one night, and took her to someplace other than Walmart. Sometimes a “working date night” is necessary to run errands, but not every time. I’m glad you were able to get out! Here’s to two date nights in 2011!


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