Christmas On Life Support

It happened while she slept.  The afternoon of New Year’s Day Erica and I took down all of our Christmas decorations, stockings, garland, and wreaths.  But the biggest transformation occurred when we dismantled our Christmas tree.  All of the ornaments went back into their boxes, I ripped the lights off doing my best to not shake too many needles onto the floor.  We bagged it up and drug it out to the curb.  Then when Ella woke up Erica went and got her and brought her downstairs she stared at where the tree used to be and you could tell the look on her face was one of shock and sadness.  It wan’t a frowny face, but still a face that was on the verge of tears.  When we tried to explain that Christmas was over until next year, I realized too late that we should have taken down the tree when she was awake.

Now of course she was sobbing, and we tried to comfort her.  It was really heartbreaking to see how upset she was about Christmas being over.  Between sobs she was mumbling something about the ornaments being gone so we did the only thing we could to try to stop the tears.  Up in her room we had set up a one foot tall, pre-lit, artificial tree.  We brought it down and plugged it in, setting it where the big tree was just hours ago.  But she couldn’t see it very well on the floor next to the couch so we propped it up on a T.V. tray.   Then we showed her out the window where the big tree sat in the tree lawn so she could say goodbye.

Finally the crying stopped.  She just laid there on the couch, closing her eyes in denial.

I know that there is a such a thing as After Christmas Letdown, but this was a little extreme.  That night she took the tiny tree back to bed.  Judging by the way things went today, I’d say she will probably have that tiny Christmas tree in her room until sometime in July…

I hope everyone reading this is able to cope with the after Christmas blues!


7 Replies to “Christmas On Life Support”

  1. We took our tree down today. Evan helped but he was quite sad when we started b/c he didn’t want “his Christmas tree” to be taken down. I’m sure he would have reacted similarly if we had sprung it on him.


    1. Yeah, it was a rookie parent mistake, next year we know to walk her through the tear down process. Thanks for the comment, at least I know she’s not alone in her post Christmas depression.


  2. We have an artificial one, the only reason it’s still up is because we still haven’t had “Christmas” with my MIL. She has until this weekend because it’s coming down then.


    1. Artificial are much easier to set up and take down, and obviously last much longer than a real one. I am too addicted to the scent of pine however to not get a real tree… hope you have a merry Christmas!


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