The Carrot! The Carrot!

Tax season classes have started at work, which means a couple of things.  First, dealing with some adults as if they were children.  And second, not getting home until it is already dark outside.  This leaves little time for playing and spending time with my kids.  I really look forward to Saturday when I get to stay home (sleep in) and have some fun.  All week Erica has been hyping up the day that Ella and I will play in the snow.  Partly because that’s just the way it is right now, Ella spends more time looking forward to me being home than I am actually at home.  Also because we didn’t want a repeat of last year when I tried for the first time to play in the snow with my daughter.

This was one of the loudest screams I had ever heard!

Earlier this year I was successful at getting her to ride in a sled.  At first she was terrified of it.  Of course.  Then I told her it was a Christmas train and found two inflatable dinosaurs that were pool toys and pulled up to them and said, “Alllll aboard!” and Ella stood there and waved goodbye as she watched me pull these two dinosaurs all around our backyard.  When I made it back to her she was eager for it to be her turn and she had her very first sled ride!

Then she took the reigns and pulled the dinosaurs around for a while.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pictures of when she forced me to sit on the sled and I was basically doing the crab-walk while she held the rope.  But here she is making choo choo train sounds while giving the tour of the backyard to her passengers.

Now the big moment had arrived.  Saturday was here and she was so excited to make a snowman with me.  Erica showed her the carrot earlier in the day and that was almost all Ella could talk about.  After bundling her up in all of her snow gear at the back door Erica exclaimed, “You look like a marshmallow!” to which Ella cooly replied, “No mom, marshmallows are in bags.”

So off we went, carrot in hand marching to the front yard. Ella said,  “I really like this!  I”m really excited!”  With a huge grin on her face she stuck the carrot into the snow and then we added some flair to finish the job.  I like how it looks like the snowman has his arm around her.

We finished the fun with a one sided snow ball fight.  I basically sat there while she threw snow on me and laughed her head off.  Now it’s back to work and I’ll be thinking all week about this memory until we can do it all again next Saturday.  Next week will be Pax week, and I’m going to try to get more pictures of him.  He his doing a lot of new/neat stuff now and I want to make sure I get it all on my blog.   What weekend memories do you have that you will think about all week?


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  1. We were at a friend’s kid’s birthday party yesterday, and a mom saw me play with my kids and told my wife, “Aren’t fathers who play with kids sexy? Don’t you find that so hot?” I’m sorry… But that’s probably what I’ll be thinking about all week…


      1. Hey, that’s OK. You’re as speechless as I was. And my wife didn’t say much more: “Oh… Hmm…. Yea… Well, after 12 years together… Ha…. Hmmm…” — Couldn’t she just agree?!!!


  2. So cute! I will remember how L just had to run into the tree while sledding. He pumped into a tree a couple times the first few times he was sledding down the yard, and since it was just him on the sled it wasn’t too bad, but then he wanted to keep doing it, and that was to dangerous with me on it and going faster. So we had a tired, stubborn kid on our hand 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to my winter post! So honored — I think this is the first time I’ve had a dad link up to my blog.

    Dagmar’s momsense


    1. Don’t mention it. I happened to catch your tweet about linking to your sight and thought “What a great idea” I’m still currently trying to figure out how to do that on because I would like to see dads (and moms) be able to post their stuff here too!
      You take amazing pictures and I thought really captured a sense of winter. Hopefully we’ll check in on each other’s blogs from time to time! thanks for visiting and commenting!


  3. That’s good stuff there man. San Antonio is snowless. But i could post pictures of a piles of leaves with a beanie and stuff my dog has chewed up.

    It’s the same thing right?


  4. We went sleigh riding for the first time this year! With just a little snow on the ground the sleds were flying down the hill. Not to mention the whipping wind which brought the temps down to at least -20 (in my mind at least). It was a ton of fun with no serious injuries. Sledding v20.11.1.8 = Success.


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