Pax + Pasta = Do Not Mix

It’s the beginning of Pax week!  I’ve noticed I write a lot about my daughter, she is three years old and very outgoing so there is never a lack of material there.  But I don’t want Pax to get overlooked.  So this whole week I am going to be taking pictures and posting only about him!

Tonight’s memory of Pax will be him eating pasta.

Let me apologize for the picture.  I personally find it gross to look at pictures of kids eating with food smeared all over their face. But this is what we did together tonight. (The eating dinner part, not the smearing food all over our faces part)  And while I could just let this picture speak the 1,000 words that are running through your mind right now like ,”Ew” or “Nasty” instead I will elaborate.

Even when it isn’t bath night, it’s bath night when Pax eats pasta.  The ring of sauce around his mouth makes him look like some Ronald McDonald knock off.  Inevitably, some food ends up in his hair because as he is winding down he rubs his head with his pasta drenched paws.  I’m just thankful tonight he didn’t rub his eyes.  He likes smashing peas with his finger.  He also enjoys sharing the wealth with the dog who always waits patiently next to the high chair when he eats.

And as for the bib.  Need I remind you that our firstborn was a girl.  He often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to these purely utilitarian pieces of clothing.  Investing in bibs that are boyish are low on the priority list.  Although I can imagine years from now he will resent the fact that he was caught wearing anything with butterflies or flowers.  Let me just say now, “I’m sorry, son.”  And let me ask the other parents out there, is this acceptable or am I being a moron for not buying more manly bibs?

We were a little slack teaching him baby sign language, but tonight I asked him if he was ‘all done’ or if he wanted ‘more’ and he actually used the sign for ‘more’!  This marks a huge leap for him developmentally.  Before now, I would ask him and do the signs and he would either scream or throw his food on the floor.  I was so excited to see him imitate me and actually understand what he was communicating!


After dinner he had a bath and then I attempted to rock him to sleep, but he ate so much for dinner that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with his bottle.  Erica took over so I could go meet a friend for coffee and I guess he fussed for a while.  But by the time I got home he had fallen asleep.

He may be messy when he eats pasta, but the rest of the time he is a really cute and sweet boy (and clean).

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Not sure what tomorrow holds for the two of us, but I’m hoping it doesn’t involve pasta…Stay tuned for more Paxaliciousness.




8 Replies to “Pax + Pasta = Do Not Mix”

  1. Telling you you’re a bad dad for not buying Pax new bibs, etc. would be self-incriminating, since our Juju often wears her big brother’s hand-me-downs… At least you don’t have a baby girl wearing a Harley Davidson bib!


  2. i would invest in a couple of Pax boy type bibs. i recall you as a teenager complaining about the flowers in your wallpaper in our victorian home, which were the size of peas, spaced about 4 inches apart, that you could hardly tell. you almost needed a magnifying glass to tell what they were. Limit the things in photographs that Pax has evidence of to bring to your attention later. … although it makes for great memories, and usually the pasta covers it all up. Love MOM


    1. Thanks for the advice. I agree, we do need more manly bibs (that sounds like an oxymoron in itself) we have one, but like most things around here…it gets misplaced and lost forever.


    1. Hm, reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer installs a garbage disposal in his shower so he can prepare his food while he bathes…It may be worth a try, thanks for the suggestion.


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