The Elusive Dance

Last night I wanted to get a video of Pax dancing to share with you, so after dinner and a bath I put a DVD on with music about counting and stood him up in front of the TV while I got the camera ready.


“Dance, Pax! Dance!” I exclaimed excitedly.  Like maybe if I sound really excited about it he won’t be able to help but dance.


So I started dancing.  And I jumped and clapped and tapped my feet…

Still nothing.

Erica chimed in from the kitchen, ‘He likes the song at the end of the Thomas DVD a lot, he always dances to that!”

So I switched discs and fast forwarded to the song at the end, camera still ready in my hands.


Everyone was dancing but him.

Doesn’t this always happen whenever you get the camera out and want to capture something really great on film?

Well, Erica tried all day to get him on film dancing, with no luck.  I’ll just have to keep you posted.


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