The Call

Pax: “Hey Dad, you have got to stop posting embarrassing tweets about me on Twitter.  That’s all i hear about when I…wait a sec. I’m getting a call.  Hey baby!”





Me:  “Who is that?”

Pax: “Sorry dad, this call is kinda important.  I’m going to have to take this in the other room.”





Pax: (talking to himself) “Now where can I go where it’s quiet?”





Ella: “NO! Pax! That is NOT a toy! No!”

Pax: “Hey wait a second, I was talking here!  I’ll call you back baby!”





Ella: “Here you go Daddy.  So Paxy doesn’t get it.”

Me: “Thank you Ella.”





Pax: (Crying)  “I gotta get my OWN cell phone…”


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