Bedtime with my Boy

I’m realizing that I am really only home with Pax for the same three activities every day.  Dinner, bath, and bedtime.  I’ve already shared with you what dinner time can be like.  And I’m not a big bathtub picture fan.  So now I’m reflecting on the time we spend together every night before I put him down for bed.

Pax is a cuddly boy.  Sometimes he’ll just walk right over to you and put his head down on your lap.  At night now, I hold him in my arms and we read together.  I began a few months ago by reading to him from the Chronicles of Narnia.  We have already completed the six of the seven books that I have, and some twice.  Now when I sit down with him and reach for the Chronicles of Narnia he arches his back and looks up at his bookshelf and says “Boooook” and points.  Apparently we are finished with Adventures of the Dawn Treader and The Horse and His Boy.  Now we read Little Boys Bible for Fathers and Sons.  I got this from my best friends and we have really enjoyed reading it together.

But Pax’s favorite book is by far the red Toys book.  I’ve added my own dramatic effects for each picture (except for the blocks, I can’t figure out anything to do with those) And now when I turn to the page with the drum on it, he taps it with his finger while I make snare drum sounds with my mouth.  Everytime we get to the choo choo train he rubs his eyes and laughs while I move the book to the sounds of a roaring train! 

Then when I put him in his crib, he’ll sometimes grab a teddy bear and hold it up to his neck and say, “Baby”  like he did the other night when I took these pictures.  He’s just such a sweet boy.

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And to explain where I’ve been these past few weeks, well, my days at work are getting longer and I seem to have less and less energy every day.  Last night I fell asleep at around 9:30 and since I used to blog at midnight, well…  I think you can see where this is going.  Three more weeks and life should return to normal. 

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  1. I think that bedtime is some of the most memorable time a father can spend with his child. Reading good books, fun and thought provoking ones, is something I have always drempt of doing if I have children. And honestly, what man doesn’t want to hear about toys/giant frogs/electronics. Pax is on the right trac. And I know he loves OSU Buckeyes too… Keep up the good work, loving those kids!!!


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