Rain Walks

We had a small stretch of days with halfway decent weather, so we dusted off the old wagon and pulled the kids around the block a few times.  That was last week.  Now it’s cold again and somewhere between snow and rain, but that didn’t matter to Ella.  I’ve discovered that three is about the age where they try to reason with you.  You have explanations as to why something can’t and shouldn’t be done, but they have solutions.

Ella pleaded with us to go on a walk.  “It’s too cold” we told her.  Words don’t always come out of her mouth easily, especially when she is passionate about her message.  After a few mumbling starts she got out the simple solution that she would wear her jacket.  “It’s raining!” We implored.  More mumbling, and I heard the words Thomas and “pumprella” and knew exactly what she was trying to say.  “You’ll get your shoes all wet.” was our final response.  We had forgotten that she had a favorite pair of rain boots with little cherries on them that she was dying to wear.  So, Erica bundled up, figured Ella would take one step outside and see how cold and rainy it was and cry to come right back in.

Here’s a photo I shot of them as I waved goodbye.  Around the block they went.


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