You May Not Find This Funny

My daughter has this obsession with the camera.  Whenever it’s out she lights up!  And she’ll walk around the house taking tons of pictures of everything.

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[For more of my daughter’s photography portfolio, click here]

Needless to say, we don’t often just leave it laying around.  And when I do get it out to get some video of her it usually ends up being a video conversation of why she can’t hold the camera right now, and please keep doing what you were doing because it was so cute and daddy really wants to have video of it so I can look back on it twenty years from now when you are all grown up and married…ANYWAY

The other day I casually set the camera down on the table and ‘caught’ her playing.  What’s great though is her reaction when she finally DOES notice the camera.  Her slight grin is like she just discovered some great evil power that will enable her to take over the world or something.  I think it’s hilarious, but, I realize you may not find this funny at all.

Pax is being his normal self and getting into something he shouldn’t be so you hear Erica going after him in the video, too.

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2 Replies to “You May Not Find This Funny”

  1. *s* Cute!

    Those photos remind me of some of the ones DS1 took a few years ago, when we let him loose w/ a Polaroid instamatic. He’s also made various videos too, mostly of him &/or DS2 playing and acting completely oblivious to the camera!


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