Goodbye to an Era

“I’m not Thomas anymore, just Dora!” Exclaimed my blonde headed three year old.  She added emphasis to this statement by simultaneously stamping her foot on the ground and banging her fist on an imaginary table, but it wasn’t said meanly.  Just adamantly.

This coming from the girl who has a Thomas blanket, Thomas pillow, Thomas carrying case for all of her Thomas trains, and a Thomas pop-up tent.  Some of this she got at her two year old Thomas birthday party.  Oh and did I mention she has the introductory narration to the Thomas videos memorized?

Apparently things in our house are changing.

This isn’t the only change we’ve seen lately.  She seems to be “very conflicted.” {movie quote reference: Santa Clause 2:  “Thanks for that analysis, Neil.  Don’t you have more important things to do, like figuring out where you can get more of those sweaters?”}  We painted her room pink long before she could talk and have since learned that her favorite color is blue.  That’s why she picked out blue ear molds for her hearing aides.   But lately she has been sensitive to stuff that is for boys and stuff that is for girls.  Erica and I have totally supported her blue, robot, dinosaur phase and are left to wonder if some kid at her pre-school is feeding these lies into her head.  We took her to the store yesterday to pick out shin guards and a soccer ball, but couldn’t make up her mind between pink and blue.  Luckily there was a ball with both!

I don’t know all of the other changes she is going through right now, but I guess that’s the nature of daughters.  Always keeps dad on his toes.  We’re really enjoying her a lot lately, she has been obeying much better, not because we have really changed anything, I think it was just another phase she went through where she felt like she could throw tantrums like that and get away with it.  We’ve also been focusing on having her say, “Can I have ___, please” instead of “I want ____ please”  Even this simple change has made the days less stressful, because at least now she is asking instead of demanding.  Well, that’s what it sounded like to us.  I know she was really just asking in her mind.  [and I know the proper way to ask is to use the word “may” but I don’t want her to be a total nerd!]

So we spent our time together doing non-Thomas things.  We made our own version of Dora’s Map together.  The map also doubled as a storage bin, telescope, bracelet, and tower.

And a recent post from FatherDoesn’tKnowBest has me reflecting on my relationship with Pax, too.  He’s changed a lot, now he is constantly on the move, he uses a fork to eat, he repeats and imitates sounds quite well, and he is getting more vocal about when he’s happy and when he’s not.  For example, he hates shopping in malls.  We went to the outlet mall near us this weekend and Pax wanted nothing to do with shopping.  Erica did warn me before we packed them all up for the trip that she really can’t take him shopping anymore and I thought it was a mild case of crying or whining but it is full on screaming when we get inside a store.  I can’t blame him.  Circling around those round clothes racks makes me dizzy too sometimes, but there are limits to what is acceptable in normal society and screaming at the top of your lungs just because you’d rather be scooting around on the floor with a train isn’t one of them.

Still, we had a good time and I’m very thankful for him.  [side note, it’s 12:30 AM and he is still not asleep and has been crying on and off all evening, but I can still say that I am very thankful for him and know that we are very blessed to have a healthy/vocal boy.]  We enjoyed some moments of tickle torture this week which I never want to forget!

Speaking of changes, life changes, and so do blogs.  I’ve got a lot of thoughts floating around up here and I’m not sure where I’m supposed to get them all out so this blog may become a little broader than just posts about my kids.  I’ll still do posts about family life quite frequently but I may want to write about some other stuff that’s been on my mind lately, too.  I’m very thankful for everyone who reads this drivel and I hope I won’t turn everyone away!  That’s all for tonight, hope your Monday is great.  It’s now 1:24 AM and Pax is hanging out with me in the living room.  Apparently his sleep schedule is changing, too.  So, as Dora would say, “Adios, amigos!”


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  1. My kids’ favorite color WAS green. It was all about having green. There were big fights if only one green object was available (fork, plate, etc.). Now since they’re all infatuated with Power Rangers, my son has changed it to Red, for the red ranger. My oldest daughter changed hers to Pink. My middle daughter just changed her name altogether to Emily which is the yellow rangers name.


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