Mmmm… Books

Pax loves books.  He can’t get enough books.  As soon as he gets a new book he devours it.  Literally.

Lately we’ve been finding the corners of our books gnawed on, slimed up, or just plain missing.  I’m not sure if this is some vitamin deficiency, but he seems to have an insatiable craving for cardboard style pages mostly, although any type of paper will do.

We’ve had a few casualties along the way, too.  First, there was the Thomas the Train book we borrowed from the library.  While some of our friends advised us to just “put it in the book drop and not say anything…” We eventually had to come clean and buy it.

Then while at target, Swipey McSwiper must have grabbed a book while we weren’t looking and sunk his teeth into the corners of it before we noticed.  Another forced purchase.

I know from personal experience that eating paper will not harm you.  Yes, I’ve eaten paper before.  (What? You haven’t?)  Don’t worry, I don’t do it anymore.  So this seems to be mainly just another example of “Like father, like son.”


2 Replies to “Mmmm… Books”

  1. I seem to remember you and Seth amazing me with your paper eating skills which I then had to try (and clovers from the side of your old house on Monroe). Ah the things I learned from my boy cousins… made up for not having brothers. 😉


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