The Eye

There is this one moment, that if I could make it last forever I would.  But inevitably it always ends and usually much sooner than I want.

You see, Sunday mornings getting the kids up, fed, bathed(sometimes?) and clothed, to get to church ON TIME, is hectic, chaotic, crazy, and pure insanity on a sugar rush.  Then once we arrive at church, unloading, dropping off, checking in, making our departures from their classrooms as painlessly as possible is round two of the ultimate drama that surrounds this ‘sabbath’ day of rest for us, and most other parents I’m sure.  After they have consumed sugary snacks and drinks, sang songs, played games and socialized with every member of our family and their friends, rounding them up, getting them out the door while simultaneously accomplishing every conversation that needs to be had with other adults at the church is a major feat!

Then it happens.  We round the final bend, slowly turning left into our driveway and cruise up to the back door.  The car comes to a complete stop, and I turn the key off.

The engine and fan noise fall silent.  Nothing is stirring.  We all just sit there quietly, breathing, relaxed.

I know what’s about to hit.  The other side of the hurricane.  I let the silence and calm surround me, speaking kind words to me as I prepare for that inevitable next movement.

I slowly place my hand on the door handle to my left and turn my head slightly to the right to make eye contact with Erica.  “You ready?”

Her head slumps down and she lets out a sigh.  “Yes, let’s go.”  And with that, the one moment that I wish I could make last forever is here and gone.  My hand lifts the handle and I crack the seal of the door, setting off a chain reaction of unlatching, picking up, lifting, hauling, reasoning, arguing, commanding, undressing, changing, feeding, cleaning and getting them into bed for nap time.

It’s the moment I look forward to every Sunday.  My Sabbath rest moment.  The eye of the storm.


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2 Replies to “The Eye”

  1. I can totally relate. There’s not much rest going on on the sabbath for us. Though I guess with all the bags we carry into church, I get what it must’ve felt like taking a donkey with you to worship in Biblical times. 😛

    And that one moment? It’s the best. I’ve tried to extend it by sitting there or keeping the car running, but the kids know. And the storm begins.


    1. Oh the bags are the worst! Somehow, I often end up with my son in one arm, my daughter’s children’s church bag in the other and my wife’s purse slung over my shoulder…yes. I’m man enough.


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