Running to Macy

I’m signing up to run a 5K.

I know.  It’s crazy.  I haven’t run for any significant amount of time since playing soccer in high school about twelve years ago.  My thirty year old body has already gone into shock, and I’ve only been training for about ten days.  And during the past ten days, I’ve had five days off.

So why would I decide to do something so crazy like sign up to run a 3.10685596 mile race?!  (Yes, I looked that up, I needed to know what I was up against before agreeing to do it.)

The answer is simple.  To help us bring Macy home!  Now that we are on the wait list (Number 88 currently), I didn’t like the idea of just waiting around for her to come home.  So instead we are running to her!

Erica and I are both going to run in the Habitat for Humanity 5K on May 22nd to raise funds for our international adoption.

TEAM LEE is currently looking for sponsors per kilometer, or as a one time donation.  Believe me, being sponsored per kilometer will be a huge factor in my finishing the race…  Our goal is at least $1,000 combined, $500 dollars each.   For example, I would need just ten people to sponsor me for ten dollars per kilometer to reach my $500 goal!

BUT wait there’s more!  We are also having a little friendly competition and this is where I could REALLY use your help.  Whoever raises more money between the two of us will win, and the loser will have to do the dishes for two weeks straight.  That’s fourteen days of clearing the table, loading the dishwasher, and then unloading and putting all of the dishes away…Dish Nirvana is not easily reached in our house.  With two kids, a wife who loves to bake and cook, and me a growing boy, we make a lot of dishes.

I do NOT want to have to do these for two weeks!

Here’s how to sign up!  If you wish to sponsor TEAM LEE, just leave a comment on this post saying how much you would like to sponsor per/K or one time donation for completing the race.  If you would like to sponsor me for a large sum of money and wish to remain anonymous (wink, wink) you can email us at leeanderica at gmail dot com and make sure you put TEAM LEE in the subject line!  We’ll give details on the the race as it gets closer, we’d love to have you come out and cheer us on.  Once we’ve completed the race we’ll tell you how far we got and then you can send us your donation either through PayPal or by check (we’ll give you our PayPal link or mailing address, whichever you prefer)

Now, out of fairness to the competition, if you would like to read about TEAM ERICA and possibly sponsor her,  you can read her link here.

But in all honesty, as my wife pointed out, it’s not about winning and losing because the truth is that no matter what we both will win because it will all go towards bringing our daughter home.  Thank you for your support!  I’ll be tweeting my progress at @AnOrdinaryDad on Twitter.

My running shoes, barely broken in....



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    1. First sponsor for TEAM LEE!! My dad said he would sponsor me for $10 per K, only nine more people to go! But he also said that he would sponsor TEAM ERICA for $10 per K as well. I told him that if I lost I’d have to do dishes, but he jokingly said he’d like to see me do dishes for two weeks…I think this may backfire on me…


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