Gimme a Hug, Pax!

I don’t always have my phone nearby to take a quick video of my kids, but I wish I could capture what it’s like to pick up my little man in my arms.  It’s not a hug or a cuddle, it’s more like getting mauled!

He never goes anywhere without that choo choo!

Tonight I scooped him up and held him close, he leaned way back for me to kiss his neck, then he leaned forward to give me a kiss.  The only thing is, he kisses with his forehead!  So after he headbutts me on the lips he starts grabbing my hair and a smile flashes as he pulls my head towards him.  Suddenly I feel like a strong ocean wave just crashed over me and my face is getting pulled under by a pile of arms and hands clawing and grabbing at my eyes and ears.  But he’s giggling so I humor him and start pretending to chomp on his chest.  Giggles erupt into laughter and he suddenly flails backward and almost out of my arms.  I have to react fast and catch him and pull him close to me, which invites another headbutt kiss.

Man, all I wanted was a hug…

In training news, I actually jogged for about three miles tonight. It was 38 degrees out, but I went with a friend who really was able to keep my mind off the pain and push me through it!  So the 5k Erica and I will be running in May should be a success.  We’ve also already been sponsored for $355.00 so we are over a third of the way to our $1,000.00 goal!  If you would like to sponsor TEAM LEE (or TEAM ERICA) leave a comment!  Thank you to those who were eager to sign up!  Your support means a lot!


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