SAHD For a Day

This morning started out different than most weekday mornings. I was going to be a SAHD for about five hours, since Erica had an eye doctor appointment. Instead of waking up at 5:00 AM and getting dressed for work, I was able to sleep in until about 7:00 which was great. Originally, I thought I was going to have to bring the kids with us to the doctor because I thought Erica wouldn’t be able to drive after her tests, but she said she’d be fine, so I stayed home to watch the kids instead.

My morning started with just hanging out with Ella in our bedroom. She doesn’t sleep with us (unless she is really sick) so she was excited to be in mommy and daddy’s bed. Pax slept in, which was really good because lately he’s been crying every night and nap time. But at around 9:00 I went in and woke him up and brought him downstairs. I got Ella set up with her Dora watercolors and then ‘made’ breakfast. Cereal Bars. I was touched when Ella decided to give me her painting.

But then I had to laugh when she did this!

If I were a full time stay at home dad, I think the morning would be when I did housework. I started working on the dishes, not because I lost the 5K bet, just because our power was out yesterday and so we got a little behind.

Being at home with the kids, I realize I miss out on all those tiny nuggets of cute things they do. Like when they started arguing over these three little balls, and I went in and told Ella to share and see if Pax wanted one. Of course, Pax really didn’t want one, but was just a little curious at the moment. Now he flat out refused and I told Ella it was OK, he didn’t want one so she didn’t have to share, then. A few minutes later, she runs into the kitchen bursting with joy and says, “Hey, he wanted one! I’ve got too many!

I’ve also been witness to what Erica has called, “Fightback”. I always thought that when Pax finally started standing up for himself that he would get a few ‘get out of jail free’ cards since Ella used to pick on him something fierce when he was really young. I heard some shouts coming from the living room and grabbed the camera. The delay didn’t catch her hitting Pax, but the following conversation was precious.

The same kind of situation sparked this comment a few minutes later when Ella tells me, “I got to go in the dining room so Pax won’t throw the book at me?!”

Just when I was feeling confident of my SAHD skills, Ella was staring at the ceiling and asked me if mommy was home. I asked if she was bored. I shouldn’t have asked.

We saw a deer walk through our yard. We played hide and seek. I made lunch. Ella sang happy birthday to herself, but was pretending to be someone named Olivia.

Here she is with her pretend birthday cake!

And then my brief stint as a SAHD was over. Erica came home and that’s when we got the kids dressed and out of their PJs. Whoops…

I have to admit, I got angry at nap time, because Pax was just crying for no reason. I guess, the reason was he didn’t want to go to bed. I tend to lose my patience and it drives me crazy how much his crying drives me crazy. If that makes any sense.

I’m amazed at how different Pax and Ella are. We grilled out for dinner and got the hose out because our backyard was trashed after the close call tornado that came through here a few days ago. Ella loves playing with water, as long as she doesn’t get wet. Pax on the other hand was just taking bucketfuls of water and dumping them on himself!

After church I was putting Pax to bed and Ella came in to tell him goodnight. I asked her what her favorite part of the day was. This was the true test of my SAHD skills. She said “Chutes and Ladders!” and I just had to laugh because we didn’t play chutes and ladders at ALL today…guess I failed. I thought it was a good day!