The DaddyCoaster

Coming home from work has gotten fun again.  It seems the novelty of dad walking through the door comes and goes in different phases.  Now Pax is ecstatic to see me and greets me with the loudest squeal hello you can imagine!  I love it!

Tonight was just me and the kids, while Erica hit the gym to train for a half marathon.  Being a dad is like being on a roller coaster sometimes…

Everything started out just right, the kids were playing nicely together, laughing and talking and just having a great time.  The car starts up the big first hill of the night.  Ella has been addicted to the Wii lately, but she is getting really good at Wii baseball and tennis.  She sets the controller down and moves on to the next toy.  Moments later Pax picks it up and starts ‘playing’ every now and then mashing the right buttons at the right times and getting really excited with every gutter ball he throws.   You begin to get those butterflies in your stomach as you soak up the joy of the moment.

Soon the car is at the top of the hill and you can see perfectly the view of the steep descent.  Ella sees him enjoying himself and crashes the party by taking the remote.

We have a long standing rule, “If you take toys from Pax, you go to timeout.”  Well, when I told her to give it back and go to timeout she yelled no and stomped off through the kitchen and I heard the bathroom door close behind her.  G-forces are reached and you go into the 270 degree twist.

After hostage negotiations ended, I convinced her to come out of the bathroom and sit in timeout.  One verse that Ella has learned by heart that helps in these situations is “Children obey your parents in the Lord” that is…once I explained what a parent was.  Then she caught on.

After dinner, we enjoyed a bike ride together and came home to play in the yard until it was time for bed.  Smooth sailing through this part of the track.  Minor hills that just make the ride slightly thrilling, but nothing big enough to make you lose your lunch.

That last bite of a popsicle is always the trickiest.

Then I begin the round up for bed.  Sometimes I can actually hear the ‘click, click, click’ of the car going up the track.  Headed straight for the grand finale.  The nighttime protests.

Then the ride comes to the sudden stop, the bedside requests stop, the music from the CD player reaches the last track and all you can do is rush to see the photo they snapped of you while you were hurtling through the air, and you remember the fun and excitement more than anything else.