Nothing Says “I Love You” Like…

5. Scraping paint off an old garage.  Erica came outside to help me avoid a $250 fine and 30 days in jail by getting the back of our garage scraped and painted.  It was some quality time together.  She works hard all day with the kids, and then gives up her evening to help me and get paint chips in her hair.

4. Offering to be the one to clean up vomit if the kids wake up sick again.  The past few nights we’ve been dealing with sick kids.  Funny thing is, it’s really only in the middle of the night that Ella or Pax seem to get sick and throw up.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time describing this one, but let me just say, I really appreciate the offer!

3. Baking strawberry coffee cake with farm fresh strawberries.  It’s been stressful at work lately, lots of confusion and deadlines and madness.  But she makes these delicious goodies for me to bring in to work and I get to feel like the proud husband that I am.  She is an amazing cook and baker.

2. Planning fun surprises.  I really drop the ball on this one, and I want to do more fun things as a family.  Money’s tight, and I don’t give enough thought to this as I should.  But Erica is always coming up with fun, free (or at least very inexpensive) things to do as a family which are always the highlight of my week and fill my life with great memories that I will cherish forever.

1. Encouraging me when I feel like a failure or have self doubt.  I won’t lie.  Life’s been tough lately.  Like I said, just a lot of pressures, but she is always right there to keep me positive and encourage me in whatever I’m pursuing.  My secret project, (that I hope to tell you about on Fathers’ Day) has required a lot of late nights and planning and idea shaping, and when I get discouraged or worried or doubt, she gives me the inspiration to keep going.

I thank my wife today for putting up with me, for understanding when I’m up late working, for keeping life fun and flavorful and being the best wife ever!

Here’s some pictures of Pax’s new artistic streak

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