Fathers’ Day Resolutions Post

Every year I try to make Father’s Day less about taking a ‘well deserved’ break from being a dad (which all the cards in the stores suggest Father’s Day is all about) to make it a day that I rededicate myself to the role of fatherhood. I began last year by writing down a few Father’s day resolutions and this year is no exception.

Spiritual growth- More than just reading my Bible, I want the words to come alive in my life.  I’ve read a few good books lately, too.  But this is an ongoing goal of mine, to grow spiritually.  This one is kind of hard to quantify, but I’ll just say that I want to spend fifteen minutes reading the Bible each day, and do more personal journaling to help me focus my life and thoughts on what God is trying to teach me.

Prayer for my family- Sometimes I find it easier to pray for other people. I walk down the street and someone pops in my head and I pray for them. But not my own family?!? I really need to evaluate this area of my life.My resolution is to spend ten minutes each day praying for my wife and each of my kids.

Love toward my wife- Measured by my attitudes and actions. Do I pray for her daily? Do I ask her how she is doing? Am I being proactive to show her how much I care? Am I ministering to her every day?My goal this year is to do one thing out of the ordinary every day to show her I love her.

Spiritual Leadership in the home- If I’m growing spiritually, that should naturally spill over into my spiritual pacesetting for my family. But, maybe by focusing on this area, it will motivate me to think through how I am leading my family. I am the pastor of this little church after all!Specifically, I will write down some goals for my family and where I think God wants us to be in a year.

Compassion for my kids- I need to be more sensitive to my daughter, especially in disciplining her. My philosophy is to always deal with disobedience with the lowest level of punishment possible. I’m realizing that even before I send her to time out, she understands a stern voice, or even a look. And sometimes it breaks her heart, just knowing I’m not happy with her.I’m still working on this one and I really don’t know how to set a specific measurable goal for this one.  Please pray for me that I will become more patient and compassionate as a dad.

I’ve loved this past year with my kids, and have even begun to think about how many more we would like to have.  After our adoption goes through, who knows?  These are the things I will focus on again this year.

Have you made any Fathers’ Day resolutions?


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  1. Happy Father’s Day. I’m afraid I’m one of those using this day to take a break… But I do think about my parenting style every day, and I do feel guilt about sometimes being a lazy parent, allowing myself to get angry over trivial stuff. Maybe I just need this day avoid the guilt and the over-thinking.


    1. Yes, I didn’t mean you shouldn’t have a day off, just for me I like to make this day purposeful every year to evaluate. Sorta like a Dad’s New Year. Hope you have a great day!


    1. But like Oren said, sometimes we do need a break too. Maybe a combination of the two, time away, and time to reflect. I’ve already dropped the ball on some of these, so I will have to refer to this post as a daily reminder…


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