the Red Line

I knew the 1970’s orange cushion that wrapped around the brown plastic seat in the RAPID train would be uncomfortable,  but standing in the middle of the aisle holding onto the bar made the pain in my arches radiate up my legs all the way to my knees. With a full day of teaching behind me, my mind wandered to almost as many topics as the stops I passed on my way home.  A spot opened up next to a man with a long pale face and white beard which I didn’t hesitate to take.  Now I sat, and picked up the low down on how to run a street business, from the code of conduct to the rules of retaliation from the two guys in front of me.  I glanced over, nonchalantly, to notice that the man with the white beard was reading a biography about modern day mobsters.

I was excited about an upcoming trip to teach customer service to one of our new call centers, it would look good in my performance review and perhaps help me to fulfill my development goals at work.  At the same time, a conversation I had with an old friend at McDonald’s put my corporate head in check.  I think about the future, wondering if I really am ever to become a pastor, knowing still in the back of my mind this isn’t the time.  Then reflecting on what was said after the coffee had cooled and the employee came by to tell us they were closing in two minutes, I remembered the phrase “Glorify God now.”

This phrase came at the end of a conversation about where we want to be, where we’re supposed to be now, why we think God has us where we are when we think we are entitled to be somewhere better.  Even if God does have big plans for my life, I will never get there unless I start the journey where I am.  Here.

But just as I started thinking about it, the man next to me closed his book and interrupted my thoughts as he grabbed his backpack and said, “Excuse me” seconds after we arrived at West Park. He followed the two ‘businessmen’ who were discussing their communications plan using mostly four letter words.

I went back into my train induced trance until I looked up and suddenly realized this was where I was supposed to be.  I stood up and walked out onto the platform, and made my way home.

A note to my readers.  Please indulge me as I divert from my normal writing style to experiment with short snippets from my life from a dad’s/man’s point of view.    To catch up on what we’ve been doing as a family lately, my wife wrote a post on Macy’s blog with tons of pictures 🙂 just clickety-click here.


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    1. Thanks James, Hopefully over the next few posts people will begin to see exactly what has been going on in my life, these little snippets while by themselves seem insignificant, when strung together make up my life, some of them will include the stuff I do with my kids and some won’t, but if it gets too boring, I’ll just go back to posting about my kids 🙂


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