Rev It Up!

We finished our 7 minute and 38 second conversation just as the street preacher holding a guitar threatened to overpower my wife’s voice on the other end of the phone.  I crossed the street and clicked ‘end’ then continued to tap away at my reminder for a missed appointment this morning.  “Wake 5:00 AM.”  It didn’t make me think anything except how busy my life has been lately.

I remembered waking up to rocks hitting my second story bedroom window because I overslept, and getting to work five minutes before my team meeting.  The meeting ran up until it was time for me to teach, and then eight and a half hours later I realized that I didn’t ever take a break, except for my lunch which I didn’t spend eating.  Instead, I prepared for Vacation Bible School at my church, which was scheduled to begin an hour and a half after I arrived home.

Ironically, as these thoughts race through my head I pass the musicians in Public Square who are playing reggae, which to me represents some of the most laid back music ever created.  For a moment I’m transported to Jamaica where we spent part of our honeymoon, walking along the beach, until the smell of cheap cigars and cigarettes hits my nostrils and slaps me back to reality.

It feels like my face-time with my kids is measured in minutes, not hours, and with my wife its measured in even smaller increments.  To give you another visual of how hectic and crazy this week has been, as I write this post, it is currently 3:24 AM…I can’t sleep!  After Vacation Bible School tonight our power was out at our house, so I packed up a bunch of stuff to take over to Erica’s mom and dad’s where we got the kids to sleep, but then we ended up transporting them back to our house around midnight.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, and like I don’t have any time to recharge.   Sometimes, that’s just life I guess.  But, I’m so glad it’s the weekend!