Me Over the Wii

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally took the advice of Mr. and Mrs. LIAYF about creating a rewards system with my daughter.  We tweaked the ‘responsibility chart’ that hung dormant on the side of our refrigerator and turned it into a way for Ella to earn rewards.

Now, in exchange for cleaning her room, being kind, helping mom, clearing the table, saying her memory verse, etc. she can earn little magnets for her chart and cash them in for one of the following prizes.

1. Candy (Our miscellaneous kitchen drawer seems to breed candy.   So having some kind of regulation on when these sugar-drugs can be handed out is a definite plus.)

2. Extra books with Daddy at night (Jumping off my last post, I have decided to read one book to each of my kids every night.  Now though, she can choose to extend the nighttime ritual by having me read extra books, and what kid doesn’t like extending the nighttime ritual?)

3. 30 minutes doing ‘boxing’ (She calls it boxing, because that is the only game her daddy played when we first got the Wii.  Now she likes “Dora boxing” which sounds much more violent than any kids game would ever be allowed to be. This is by far her favorite thing to do right now.)

Ella's other favorite thing to do is to change the hairstyle on my Mii...

As I could have predicted, she always cashed in her chips for ‘boxing’.  I was beginning to feel a little left out though since she never wanted me to read extra books.  I wondered if she was secretly thinking that she was already getting this reward since I only started the one book thing recently.  So I re-explained all the rewards to her, and ellaborated that if she choose books with daddy that meant I would read five extra books on top of what we do now.

The next time she earned five magnets, she choose the extra books!  It made my day!

It seems we are already slipping back into boxing, so I’m looking for more ideas of the types of rewards she can choose from?  What should replace the UFO to be the new Undeniable Favorite Outcome?

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone.  Be sure to check out the other dads posting on the today.