My little baby boy turned two. He is now officially a toddler and it’s weird, you know, to not have a baby in the house.  If we weren’t adopting, I’m sure we would be talking about when to have another baby.

Pax really does strike me as a toddler now.  I don’t look at him anymore and think of a baby.  He’s talking A LOT, and he walks around like a little man.  At his party, he insisted on drinking out of a regular cup and he held it in one hand and looked so cool as he walked over to hang out with the guys.

He’s coming into his own now and asserting his independence.  We had his party at a local park with a pavilion and a playground.  Pax started wandering away from all the adults in the pavilion and slowly migrated toward the slides until Erica called out his name.  That’s when Pax let out his very first two word sentence.  He held up his hand in our direction and looked off to the side as he yelled, “Mom stop!”  It may have been two sentences by the way he said it.  Either way, it was more cute than confrontational, but we hid our faces to send him a stern message.

We prayed and ate, then Pax and all the other kids were able to get their way and play.

After some snacks and blowing out the candle on the birthday cupcake (Pax loves salty more than sweet)  we opened up the presents.  Two year-olds handle the present unwrapping ceremony only slightly better than one year-olds.  When kids are one, parents imagine a world where the child will sit on your lap and ignore all of the tempting wrapping paper as it flies all around them and yet reality challenges all expectations of them to pay more attention to the toy rather than the box they came in.  At two, children are actually interested in what is in the box.  The only downfall is, the first gift to be opened is the attention stealer and the child becomes fixated on playing with that toy and ONLY that toy ignoring and possibly insulting all others in attendance at their party.

Some gifts got a reaction from Pax, like this one where he is saying, “Ooooo!”

I’m glad our families live close and can celebrate these special days with us.  We had Smores by the fire and played catch in the field before calling it a night well past their normal bedtime.

Happy birthday, Pax!