Journey Home

Not Enough

Ten minutes before the kids’ bedtime, I call home and hear my wife pick up on the other end.  “Bad news?”  I pause, “Yeah.”  And then I explain that my flight’s been delayed.  Apparently they don’t have two sources of power and contractor mechanics are working on the plane right now.  My options aren’t clear yet.  I’m just calling to say goodnight to the kids, since I haven’t been able to talk to them for the past few days.

Airport Fun

Erica hands the phone to Ella, “Hi Daddy.  We’re playing, because…” I smile, recalling all the conversations I’ve had with Ella where she starts these long run on sentences using “because” to bridge all of the thoughts racing through her head.  She trails off, or rather Pax bursts in.  Obviously they have me on speaker phone.  I can tell by the sound of his voice that what he’s saying is urgent, unfortunately the only word I am able to recognize is “Thomas.”  We exchange “I love you’s” in our own special way and then I say good night to Erica.  As we’re hanging up, Ella shouts in the background, “Have fun at the airport, Daddy!”

The Void

Four and a half days away from my family and it’s a total understatement to say that I miss them.  Yet there were times when I was at home, surrounded by my family wishing I could have some solitude, so I want to live in this moment and drink it in, to feel alone, and to feel the void.  With only about twenty minutes until I board my plane for home I want to return refreshed and with a new perspective.  I missed Ella’s first ballet/tap class.  Pax is growing and changing everyday.  I’m starting to feel the void.


I’ve been home for only a short while, and already I’ve discovered a thousand treasures about my kids that I didn’t realize were there.  As Erica drove me home from the airport, she pointed out that I was laughing at everything that came from the backseat.  I can’t help it.  I’m just giddy to be home.

I just finished some cuddle/book/puzzle time this morning with Pax and now I’m enjoying the musical stylings coming from his blue plastic recorder.  I can’t believe how much he’s talking and understanding.

I’ve got today and tomorrow off so I can be there to help take Ella to her first day of school.  She’s really been so sweet to Pax lately and I love watching them play together.

Sometimes, I guess it just takes having to leave everything behind to realize what you’ve actually got.  I want to keep this new perspective going, without having to take another trip.