The Drop-Off

It gets easier.  At least that’s what we told one mom who was walking out of the preschool, away from her daughter, for the first time.  I drove the getaway van, and so my job was to stay in the vehicle while Erica went in to walk Ella to her class.

I realized just now while I’m typing this, I didn’t even get to say goodbye.  I snapped this photo as they walked away before deciding to stop looking like the paparazzi parent that I am and just let her go to school like a normal kid.

And just like that she was gone and headed into her classroom to see her teacher and make new friends.  There was a feeling I can’t put my finger on in the pit of my stomach.  It was part sadness and part joy.  I think this is just what it feels like to be a parent.

We drove the short trip home and unloaded Pax out of the van, still in his pajams and wrapped in a blanket to protect him from what seems to be the beginning of our fall weather.  And started a few projects around the house which helped me take my mind off things.

But I can’t help getting nostalgic.  So I looked up this old post, a letter I wrote to Ella on her very first day of school ever.  I think she understands how it all works now, so she isn’t so worried that we won’t come back.  Then I browsed the pictures from a year ago and smiled at these treasures.

And then it was fun to compare them to the photos we took this year.  I can really tell a difference in her.  She’s not as nervous.  She’s actually comfortable with the idea of going to school.  But she’s still as cute as ever.

Happy [second] first day of school, Ella!


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  1. We started school 2 weeks ago. I was cool about it. I had to stay home with all the kids while my wife took my son (senior) and daughter (kindergarten, she was in PRE-K last year). I told them by and when my wife got home, I went to work. That’s when I looked at the photos on facebook and I lost it. It’s not that I’m going to miss them or they’re growing up. It’s just I’m proud to see such fine children. I’m proud I can claim them as mine.

    Hope she has a great school year.


    1. Thanks Eric, that’s definitely a huge part of that ‘feeling’ of being a parent. Sometimes I’m just so proud of her and love watching her enter these new situations knowing what a great girl she’s become. I still need to get back to you about that email…sorry!


    1. It is cool slang. Too bad it was a typo! You had to find the one thing wrong with this post…:) But I’m going to leave it, and maybe start using it now with my kids! Thanks Duane!


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