Snack Attack (Dad Style)

The steady sound of a metal spoon tapping on the side of a bowl always reminds me of my dad. Late at night, I would hear its rhythm and come down the stairs to see him standing at the kitchen counter making his favorite late night snack. The beat would continue as I peered into the bowl at the mixture of 2 parts chocolate ice cream, 1 part 2% milk, slowly being chopped up into what resembled a chunky milkshake. The chocolate would begin to swirl until all the milk turned a pale brown, that’s when it had reached perfection.

Now that I’m a dad myself, I have a few of my own favorite late night snacks. Last night I created this monstrosity out of a rage of insanity for something sweet. Chunks of banana, chocolate ice cream, mini marshmallows, crumbled up peanut butter granola bar, and as a nod to my dad, some 2% milk.

What’s your ultimate late night snack?

Happy Fatherhood Friday!  Hope you get to enjoy your favorite dessert!