Wordless Wednesday

Ready for another Wordless Wednesday’s “Are You More Imaginative Than a Four Year Old?”  Each week I post a picture and ask you to guess what you think my daughter sees.  Leave your guesses in the comments section by clicking the word balloon at the upper right hand corner of this post.  For a hint, hover your mouse over the picture, but then make sure you’re man (or woman) enough to admit you needed the hint when you make your guess.  After you’ve racked your brain trying to step into Ella’s mind, click on the “Continue Reading” link to see the answer.  Good luck!

What did she make with these cheesesticks?

It’s a Sailboat!

Hope you got it without using the hint…but that’s OK if you didn’t.

Come back next week for another episode of “Are You More Imaginative Than a Four Year Old!”

Thanks for playing!


4 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Actually, all i did was cut up the cheese stick into ‘french fry’ strips (hoping to motivate her to eat them) She’s the one who brings the fun to the table! Thanks for stopping by, Linda


  1. Since you asked what the cheesesticks were DOING … I thought they were playing “ring around the rosy” … and then the one “fell down!” (:


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