What is Extraordinary Fathering?

The name of my blog is “An Ordinary Dad” which I obviously am.  And my tag-line is ‘trying to become an extraordinary father” which may or may not be so obvious.  This question of extraordinary fathering is one I’ve been pondering for a while now. What does an extraordinary father look like?  What types of things should I be aiming for so that my children will grow up with “truly” the world’s greatest dad?

I remember growing up, hearing the phrase ‘quality time’ being thrown around a lot (not in our house, more on T.V.)  Now that I’m a dad, I actually understand how hard it is to balance work, life, family, and sleep all at once.  I think my own dad was extraordinary in several ways.  In fact, I’ve got a future post already written in my mind titled “My Father: The Revolutionary” which you’ll just have to come back for.  But I’d like to hear from you…

So I turn to you, my readers to share your experiences.  What does an extraordinary dad look like?  Go ahead, brag a little!

Dads, what do you do that makes you extraordinary?  What good is this dad blog community after all, if we aren’t at the very least helping each other to become better dads?  Please don’t feel bad for tooting your own horn, in the interest of…er…science, what are your thoughts about how to rise to the occasion for the biggest challenge of our lives?

Ladies, please share a tribute about your own dad that makes him extraordinary in your eyes (I do have a daughter after all and would love a female perspective!)  Wives, what makes that husband of yours so amazing as a father?  And after you share your thoughts here, go ahead and tell that special someone to come and read what you wrote.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate it on this Monday morning.

I await your replies!


7 Replies to “What is Extraordinary Fathering?”

  1. Kudos for throwing out the line, and it’s good to see someone use the Twenty Eleven theme (it’s gorgeous). I’d suggest just fulfilling your role as a daddy because that is such an overarching concept that it typifies extraordinary.

    I helped my son with his Social Studies project last year and I became extraordinary to him http://youtu.be/he2BC4scYek He saw me run to get paint, supplies, go to Home Depot, and do everything necessary to ensure his success.

    Just BE THERE for your children. You’ll be extraordinary!


    1. I think you did more than just ‘be there.’ You dove in. You made him feel that his world was important and that this school project mattered to you as much as it mattered to him. That’s extraordinary fathering. You also made an extraordinary video of the project, too! Thanks for sharing Scott.


    1. Sounds like he was pretty amazing, Bruce! These are important characteristics. I’ll have to think about how I’m doing in each of these areas. I’m sure it trickled down to you more than you let on!


  2. Awhile back, I came up with a list of 30 things that, at least in my opinion, make an extraordinary dad. It wasn’t an exhaustive list nor was it meant to be all encompassing… it was more of starting point… or, as Jerry McGuire might say, “It was a memo.” Let me know if you’d be interested in publishing it as a guest post.


    P.S. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!


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