Ten Ways to Be an Extraordinary Father

I went on a little retreat this past weekend with my brother and a close friend.  Aside from playing risk by firelight, and eating about 3/4ths a bag of marshmallows on my own, I did accomplish a little reflection on what it means to be an extraordinary dad.  Here’s a simple top ten (in no particular order).  It doesn’t cover everything, I’m sure, so feel free to add your own thoughts.  I’m going to put a link to this post in my sidebar as a constant reminder to myself of the kind of dad that I strive to be, but rarely am.  Here it goes…

1. Treat my wife like the most important person in my life.  This will teach my son how to treat his wife, and it will show my daughter how the men in her life should treat her.

2. Treat daughters like delicate flowers.

3. Tell my children all the ways they make me proud.

4. Say “I love you” even when they mess up.

5. Have fun and play with them as much as possible.In the small everyday things, and in the ‘out of the ordinary’ things.

6. Teach them all the important things in life, but in a creative way.  And if you don’t know something, learn it together.

7. Pray with them, and for them.  Pray about whatever it is that is on their minds.  Show them that you care about what they care about.  Nothing is too small a matter.

8. Tell them the truth.  Even about the little things.

9. Trust them.  And celebrate all the right decisions that they make.

10. Help them as they figure out what they believe.  Show God to them every day.  Tell them about Him, and live out my faith in front of them.

Here’s what some others have added!











Tweet or comment what one item you would add and I’ll put it here.  Just make sure you use @AnOrdinaryDad for me to see it!

Also, big news!  I’m going to have my first guest blogger post here this Friday.  His name is Michael and he writes a great blog called Life to Her Years that I heard about on my local radio station and think it is really awesome!  So… I’m going to just be straightening up a few things, and throwing all the junky posts out of sight and into the closet.  Make sure you come back and give him a warm welcome.  He’s going to share his thoughts on being an extraordinary father, too. (And he has thirty things in his list, so it’s bound to be better than mine!) Have a good day!


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  1. #s 5 and 7 are excellent. I’d add “take the children out on their own dates”. I take my son (12) out for burritos or falafels just to bond. Or I take my daughter (8) out window-shopping and looking at toys. It makes them trust you, develops their confidence, and familiarized them with a strong, positive male image. You’ll be extraordinary!


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