Dad is Over the Moon for His Kids

Ella is amazed at the night sky right now.  Her preschool learned about astronauts and outer space for a week and it rocked her world.  She had proudly shown me the telescope she made in class earlier that week, unfortunately it got lost somewhere and so we made a new one Friday night.

It was a perfect fall night, the warm air made the darkness comforting.  We sat down on the front porch steps and started to look at the moon and the sky.

“I see a star!” she said with quiet excitement, holding her rolled up paper telescope to her eye.  She climbed in my lap and I rubbed her back as she tilted her head and gazed out again.

“I think I see a constellation.  Yeah, I see a lion constellation.”

All those times we read her the Dora and the Purple Planet book came flooding into my mind.  You have to help Dora navigate through the constellations that are shaped like animals.

“Look!  I see the moon!”

Every exclamation was exciting and awesome to her.  I pointed out the lights of an airplane that were flashing through the sky and asked her if she thought it was an airplane or a rocket ship?

“I think it’s an airplane.  But maybe one day, I’ll need a space suit and Pax will need a space suit and we can fly to outer space.  And Pax can come.  And maybe mommy will have a space suit, and YOU can have a space suit, too!”  Her little girl voice went up about an octave when she said the word “you.”

“Will I be able to float?” I asked.

“Yeah, and we’ll all be in the rocket ship.”

“Maybe we could land on the Purple Planet? Oh I know,  maybe we could fly to the moon?  Would you like to walk on the moon?”


Oh, Ella.  I wish I could tell you how much I love moments like these when we’re imagining together and playing together.  You will probably not remember twenty years from now, but you reached up and threw your arms around my neck to give me a spontaneous hug that I will never forget.

I’m over the moon for you and Pax.


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