Peppers Goes to the Park

I bought each of my kids a special stuffed animal when they were born.  I wanted them to have something from their daddy from that special day.  For Ella, I bought her a brown puppy dog.  The label on the dog’s ear said its name was “Puppers” so that’s what I called it. 

For the first year of her life it just kind of sat in different places in her room.  On a shelf, in her crib, on her bookcase.  I think there was probably a good year and a half there where Puppers was stuffed in her closet somewhere.  All of that changed recently.  She rediscovered Puppers and heard the story behind it, now she takes him to school, sleeps with him at night, and carries him in her bag when she goes places.  Except she calls him Peppers.

Last weekend I took my kids to the park.  Ella wanted to bring Peppers so he could play, too. 

Peppers needed to sit in the little kid swing so he could be safe.

But eventually, Peppers had a hard time playing by himself…(here she is trying to have him hold the railing and walk on the rolling barrel on his own)

So she improvised and had me put Peppers in her shirt.

Now Peppers could enjoy everything she did without having to be three feet tall himself.Meanwhile, Pax’s stuffed lion is comfortably resting at home in his room.  He is more of a chew toy at this point then a companion. 

One thing Pax loves though is a swing.  That’s pretty much all he did at the park.

Take him out of the swing, and you get this…

Put him back in the swing.  He’s happy!


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