Is it enough that Jesus died?

And that He died for me?

For something to be enough means that I am satisfied, wanting no more.

So why do I want more?

Why does my joy or love or happiness or attitude or mood depend on more?

Why, in this season of giving thanks and celebrating the first coming of Christ as the Savior of my life, does my soul say, “I do not have enough” that, “there is something I lack?”

Can it be that my heart be satisfied with nothing more than the love of Christ?  That I would not demand more of others or of life to be full?

I pray, God, that you would fill me with your love and Spirit.


2 Replies to “Enough”

  1. So true! When our baby was born, I was so nervous about having my wife stay home with because I knew it would mean less income and less “stuff,” but what a joy it’s been. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. What was helpful to me (and I’m sure you too based on your adoption postings) was realizing that even with one income my wife, child and I have astoundingly more than 99% of the world’s population.

    This year I had to inform my kin that we wouldn’t be able to exchange gifts with everyone because it was no longer in our budget, and it was interesting/irritating that some were actually upset that their kids wouldn’t be getting a bunch of toys from us. I don’t know if I was more irritated because these folks profess Christ, but are afraid their (or their childrens) Christmas will be ruined if they don’t get enough gifts, or because I felt like we were trying to establish boundaries and they weren’t being respected.

    Anyway, Christmas has just gotten so ridiculous that I’m looking forward to a buy nothing Christmas (or, at the very least, buy a whole lot less for Christmas). Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Thanks Pete, we were challenged this year with the advent conspiracy ourselves, not to cancel Christmas, but just trying to buy one less gift and using that money for something else worthwhile to help others in need. Enjoy the time with your new family! Don’t let it pass you by! Happy thanksgiving my friend.


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